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There's a lot of ways to tell you about us, but the truth is you have to see it to really experience it. Sometimes we like to say that we aren't "your grandma's church of Christ, but grandmas still love us!" If you've been to a church of Christ before, then things will probably be pretty familiar to you. But we are a proudly diverse group of people learning to live and love together. We are passionate about building bridges into our community, serving the world near us and far from us, and sharing the love of Christ with anybody who will listen (and even some who won't). 

Northwest has been just east of 23rd and Meridian in Oklahoma City for over 60 years. For about half of that time we were called 25th and Geraldine church of Christ. During that history there were a few times we were mostly older people. But we prayed hard and God answered. Today we have almost equal representation in every single age group. We love being younger and having crying babies interrupt our services every week. Our children's and youth ministries are growing every year. We are so blessed to be a loud church. 

Our Beliefs

At Northwest, we have a few founding members and people whose kids are being taught by the Bible class teachers who once taught them. We also have new members who've recently converted and are attending church for the first time in their life. We recognize that often belief is experienced as a journey and we are all learning and growing together. None of us have arrived and figured it all out. In fact, sometimes we learn something new and have to change our beliefs. As a church, we believe and practice grace way more than we used to. We talk more about resurrection, and new heaven new earth that we once did and often talk about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life long transformation of the Christian and the community of believers. 

That being said, we unapologetically believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible is God's Book for God's people and that it reveals to us his plan to create, love, and ultimately save and redeem humanity and His creation. We believe God desires his people to live life together as the body of Christ, regularly meeting as a diverse family, gifted by the Spirit to serve one another and the world. We believe that salvation is the free gift of God, enacted by the death and resurrection of Jesus, resulting in the indwelling of the Spirit. We believe this gift of salvation is given to believers who receive it in believer's baptism. The life of the Christian is then lived, growing into the image of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Spirit which produces fruit (characteristics of God) and gifts which are used to grow God's Kingdom. 

Kent Brown

Laura Lathrop
Children's Minister

Nathan McBroom
Youth Minister

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David Kaissling
Kevin Burley
Bill Hull
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Dennis Matthews

Jeff Spruill

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