You'll notice as soon as you come in the door that we love God and we love each other. We are a family made up of all kinds of families seeking to grow closer to God and one another in everything we do. We worship together, pray together, play together and share life in many other ways. We would love for you to see what we have going on and join us on our journey.

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Sunday Morning
8:30 (Masks required)
10:00 am at building and online
(Masks encouraged)
Bible Class
Moving online for now
Sunday Evening
Not Meeting at this Time
Mid-Week Bible Study
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Recent Sermons

The Missionary Recruiter

When a preacher started traveling around the country to find people to take God's message to the ears of the world, he was shocked that church people didn't want to and that regular, everyday, broken people became powerful missionaries for Christ.

Bad Ol' Days

So nostalgia is unwise but it isn't even backed up by data. In so many ways the world is better than it used to be. When we choose to be filled with despair instead of faith and hope we have a problem. We need confidence in God's love, Christ's salvation, and the Spirit's fruit.

Danger of Nostalgia

Ecc 7:10 says it is unwise to ask why the good old days are better than these. What's wrong with nostalgia? It can become idolatry, keep us from getting where God wants us to go, prevent God from helping us grow, and fills us with anxiety and fear instead of faith, peace, and hope.

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