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You'll notice as soon as you come in the door that we love God and we love each other. We are a family made up of all kinds of families seeking to grow closer to God and one another in everything we do. We worship together, pray together, play together and share life in many other ways. We would love for you to see what we have going on and join us on our journey.

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Sunday Morning

10:00 am at building and online
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Bible Class

Classes for all ages
Sunday Afternoon

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Mid-Week Bible Study
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Recent Sermons
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The One Thing

In James 4 there is a warning against the consequences of putting other things before God. When we give in to worldly desires or covet our neighbors' stuff, our life gets out of order. But when we put God into our life first and make God our priority, all of our other values and things fall into place.

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To Teach or Not to Teach 

Continuing our James series with chapter 3, we consider who should be a teacher and who shouldn't. For James, this isn't about knowledge or ability. Rather it is about heart and character and being holy, pure, peace-makers who can control their mouths and bless those who hear them. 

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The Royal Law

When James says we should not show favoritism it seems obvious. But this sermon takes a deep dive into the complex challenges of taking this command seriously, and how when we do it prevents all kinds of other evils from taking hold in the church and in the world.

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